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Introducing our laptop sleeves, crafted to protect your computer, each sleeve is tailored to fit 11-inch laptops perfectly. The dimension of our laptop sleeves are 12.6 inches in width and 8.86 inches in height. 


Introducing the medium version of the timeless Fleurdepoche bag, designed with a square shape. Despite its compact size, the medium bag ensures you don't have to sacrifice space. It comfortably accommodates your everyday essentials and so much more. The dimensions of our medium bag are 19x12x10 cm.


Introducing the large size of the timeless Fleurdepoche bag, designed with a square shape.. When you require a bag that can accommodate everything, the large size is your go-to choice. It offers ample space to comfortably fit your skincare, makeup essentials, your haircare products and large bottles. If you carry large bottles the Large size is recommended. The dimensions of our large bag are 26x15x12 cm.  

Introducing our vanity, they provide ample room to cater your essentials in preparation for a long journey: perfumes, body lotions, skincare, brushes, hair products, makeup and everything you need while traveling. It features a very comfortable handle for easy transportation. The dimensions of our vanity are 25x16x15 cm.

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